Bios – "The Mediterranean Symbiosis" is a collection where childhood memories, traditions and crafts are still present. Here, the concept goes further, towards new horizons, specifically the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor.


With this collection, I wanted to carry the sense of innocence and the nostalgic memories that I have of those two seas, with the feeling of duty and responsibility that we all have to maintain a clean and safe space for future generations to enjoy as much as we do. The title of this collection describes the interaction between human beings and the natural environment, being aware of the misuse we sometimes make of it and how to improve it in the search for a respectful and healthy coexistence. Sorolla’s paintings have also influenced the evolution of this collection due to the mixture he uses of the sea, representing fishermen at work, in contrast to families of high social status who came for leisure. Four categories are implemented and encompass the collection: the working classes, the upper classes, the sea, and the conglomerate of pollution created by humans in that same environment. The correlation of the four is what I represent as a simile of symbiosis, the contrast of classes and their collision and coexistence in the same shared space that does not distinguish between a social stratum, the sea, and everyone’s place.

Photographer Jorge Hita @jorgehitam

Designer Africa Hernandez @africahernandezm  

Stylist Rebeca Abad @rebecaabad_

Model Saray Crison @saray_crison

MUAH Silvia Rubio @silviarubio.makeuphair 

Digital Marcos Rodriguez @n00becillo  

Lights Carlos Babler @Carlosbabler

Digital Campaign Marax @marax_official