1.-General Information 1.1.- This notice and legal information (hereinafter, the «Legal Notice») regulates the use of the Internet portal service «https://africahernandez.com/» (hereinafter, the «Portal ” or “web”). The purpose of these conditions is to regulate the access and use of the portal by users who visit it, as well as making it available to them, free of charge, unless expressly indicated otherwise, both of the information provided, either general or specialized, as well as the different content offered and services provided therein. 1.2.- Any user who accesses the information and services offered in the aforementioned domain is subject to this document and this implies adherence and acceptance of the latter to the Terms and Conditions established at any time. A customer/user is understood to be anyone who browses the portal and/or uses the services included or purchases the services or products offered therein. Therefore, we recommend that you read these Conditions carefully before starting the use. 1.3.- In order to comply with the provisions of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and electronic commerce, the general information data of this website is indicated below: https: //africahernandez.com/ Owner: África Hernández Contact: info@africahernandez.com 1.4.- Regarding the information contained in the portal, África Hernández (hereinafter, “web: https://africahernandez.com/ Owner: África Hernández Contact: info@africahernandez.com») does not guarantee the absence of interruptions or errors in access to the portal, in its content, or that it is updated, although it will develop its best efforts to, where appropriate, avoid, correct or update them trying to maintain the highest precision in the contents and complete information for the user. 1.5.- Likewise, the entity cannot guarantee that the links to other places are exact at the time of access. The places to which the links point are owned by third parties and for which they are the ones who will be responsible to their extent and for the legality of their content. Any references made on this website to any product, service, process, link, hypertext or any other information using the brand, trade name or manufacturer or supplier, etc. that are owned by third parties, does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by this company. 1.6.- In the event that electronic commerce services are provided through the Portal, the regulations contained in Law 34/2002, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, Law 7/1998 on General Conditions will apply. of Contracting, Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, Law 7/1996 of Retail Trade Regulation , and in particular, by the Particular Contracting Conditions that, if applicable, are published on the Web Portal. 1.7.- Although the owner of the website reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior notice, both these General Conditions and the Particular Conditions that may eventually be established; the configuration, presentation and design of the portal or any of the elements that comprise it; the information, general or specialized, and the contents provided and, in general, any other circumstances not expressly designated, including the cancellation of the portal or any of its elements. Once any of the aforementioned modifications have been implemented in the portal, any subsequent access made by the user will imply their unconditional acceptance of it. 1.8.- These General Conditions and the Particular Conditions that may eventually be established, and with the wording that they present at any time, have an indefinite duration, and will remain in force as long as the portal continues to be active. 2.- Responsibility of the user 2.1.- The use of the Portal will be carried out under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user, the owner of the website being expressly exonerated from damages and/or losses caused to the user or third parties by said use contrary to what is established in this Legal Notice and the Particular Conditions that in each case were applicable, or against the current and applicable legislation at the time. Said responsibility will extend to the use, by the user or any third party, of any password or similar assigned for access to the Portal, where appropriate, or to any of its services. 2.2.- The User undertakes to make appropriate use of the contents and services that the entity offers through its portal and with character in